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Hi there mates! I am Mark. 20 Years Old. Living in California. High School Swimmer. Club Swimmer. USA Swimming Masters Team Swimmer. Lifeguard. Swim Instructor. Sailor in the US Navy. Nerdy. Anime and Manga loving. Gay. Will you join me on my stellar adventure? (:


reblog to support anyone who is following you that might be ashamed of or questioning their sexuality and to let them know that it is completely okay to be attracted to the same sex.

I promise you, there are more of us out there like you :)

nikkitaylour said: Hey. I saw that you got a AIRR contract with the Navy. That is the job I am currently trying to get in and would love to take any advice you have for aspiring future sailors in the process to become AIRR rescue swimmer. Thanks.

Hiya mate! ;D Yes I did earn one by taking the PSTs, though I did not pursue AIRR. I ended up choosing another rate. However I have a lot of knowledge I’m more than willing to share so feel free to hit me up on my phone. (: 2403827719

wellalbiedamned said: Hey man! Just thought I should introduce myself because 1) I have that same exact Kirby shirt you're wearing in your DEPs video 2) I'm enlisting in the Navy 3) I'm also going for AIRR 4) I'm also a guy who likes other guys, and 5) I think you're really handsome ;) Anyways hope that you made it into AIRR school and if you have, it'd be great if you could shed some light on the process you've personally undergone so far! Best of luck man! I'm Albie by the way.

Hi there mate! I’m not sure when you sent this message I haven’t been on Tumblr in so long lol. Haha sounds like we have a stellar amount in common! You should text me mate, it’d be a heck of a lot quicker than messaging me via Tumblr. 2403827719. I actually did not ending up pursing the AIRR program. I earned a contract, but I ended up choosing another rate (AD). And have been working as one ever since. Still, don’t hesititate to hit me up mate, got a lot of knowledge to share! (: Cheers and take it easy

20. November 2013


1,500 meters (super easy recovery day)

wu 300

2 x 50 / 2 x 100 / 2 x 150 / 1 x 200 / 2 x 150 

cd 100 

19. November 2013


felt pretty meh today…. some distance

2,750 meters / 3007 yards

free set: 250 / 500 / 750 / 1000 / 250